What is ACell?

ACell is a regenerative medicine treatment Dr. Cole is now offering to his hair transplant
patients. ACell is a type of extracellular matrix (ECM), meaning the tissue between cells. ECM
regulates cell behavior and ultimately tells cells what to do and when to do it. ECM also
stimulates cells through a variety of growth factors.

What does ACell do?

When ACell is applied to injured tissue, it can stimulate the regeneration of small areas of
normal tissue.

What can ACell do for me?

ACell can regenerate skin tissue and promote faster and improved healing following a hair
transplant procedure. Dr. Cole””s primary goal in using ACell is to further improve the
appearance of donor areas following follicular unit extraction by his CIT method.

Does ACell have any other benefits?

Dr. Cole is currently studying whether ACell might reduce the appearance of hypopigmentation
that follicular unit extraction can sometimes leave in the donor region. He is also looking into
whether ACell may be able to stimulate stem cells left behind when he performs follicular unit
extraction. Stimulation of these cells could potentially induce the development of new hair

How is ACell applied?

ACell comes in a powder form and is meticulously applied to both the donor and recipient areas.

Are there any dangers to using ACell?

ACell has been FDA-approved for use in humans, nevertheless, because it is derived from the
basement membrane of pig””s bladder, it should not be used by those who may have an allergy
to pig or porcine products. However, very few people display an allergic reaction to pigs and,
therefore, ACell is thought to be safe for most individuals.

What results have you seen so far?

Our results so far have been somewhat limited because we have only been using ACell for a
couple of months. However, veteran patients have reported more rapid and improved healing
following ACell treatment, compared with prior procedures where ACell was not used.

How much does ACell treatment cost?

ACell treatment is $300 to $900 depending on the amount needed for application.

Why do you charge for ACell if it is still considered experimental?

ACell is an expensive product that takes a good deal of time and skill to apply. We charge our
patients only what it costs us to offer the treatment. ACell is not a revenue-generator for Dr. Cole and his group.