I commute between Japan and Singapore and I’m interested in getting treatment for my hair loss using Acell and PRP. What do you recommend for me as I am trying to postpone hair transplant surgery.

I began using Acell in combination with PRP long before anyone else considered this combination. The rationale was quite simple. PRP is loaded with growth factors and Acell provides a scaffold with stem cell attraction for these growth factors to set up on and provide a potential sustained release of growth factors to newly activated stems cells that migrated to the region. I based my rationale on the work that Joe Greco was doing with a natural ECM that he had manufactured from his patient’s blood. Joe was seeing a positive influence in terms of improved coverage from existing hair due to hair shaft thickening in up to 70% of his patients.

The treatment appears to improve coverage of existing hair by thickening the hair shaft diameter. It works well on up to 70% of patients, but not so well in the remainder. It carries no known risks other than a potential sensitivity reaction risk to the thrombin or the Acell, which are derived from mammalian xenogeneic collagen sources. We are yet to see such a reaction.

Currently you can get an Acell/PRP treatment in our office located in Atlanta, GA. We do have affiliate offices located in Seoul, South Korea, and in Singapore. Neither office currently offers Acell in their office.