Will Acell/PRP help me stop loosing my hair and regrow hair? I am a 27 year old female.

A female has some options for the treatment of hair loss. The first step is to determine the origin of your hair loss. You do this by visiting your dermatologist for a medical work up of your hair loss and perhaps two 4mm skin biopsies in the affected area of hair loss. The biopsies are read in horizontal section and vertical section, and they must be evaluated by an experienced dermatopathologist, who has specific training in reading hair biopsies.

Female pattern hair loss is quite common and seems to affect about 10% of all women. The condition is treated with Rogaine 2% once or twice a day. You cannot take Finasteride as it might adversely affect the development of a male offspring.
PRP/Acell is used to treat female pattern hair loss. It does not work on all women, but can improve your coverage. You should consider giving it a try once you have documented the specific cause of your hair loss. There is not need to begin a treatment that will not work for you should the cause of your hair loss be due to some other medical condition. Female pattern hair loss does seem to run in families, which is what you have described. Other medical conditions can affect families too so you should have your condition evaluated properly prior to seeking any medical treatment.