Can beard hair be removed through hair transplantation?

There are two ways to remove hair from the donor area. One is by strip method. The other is by removal of individual follicular units. The strip method is not acceptable because it will leave a permanent linear scar. Individual follicular unit removal is acceptable and does work. In fact we often employ this for transplant of beard hair to the scalp. We also use this method to remove unwanted facial hair. This can occur with some forms of face lifting where the hair from the beard is relocated behind the ear. This can be a very difficult and unnatural place to get a razor to shave the beard. We have also used this method to relocate eyebrow hair from a location well above the eyebrow and re-implant the hair into the thinner medial aspect of the eyebrow to create a natural eyebrow transplant.

You should first consider laser hair removal for unwanted facial hair. This may require more than one procedure to remove all the hair. Laser hair removal is only indicated when you have pigmented hair. If there is no pigment in the hair or the hair has turned “grey”, you laser hair removal will not work. Removal of facial hair by CIT or FIT may require more than one pass, as well, to remove all the hair.