Our latest study on body hair transplant involved a bald crown and a small number of grafts from the back, chest, and beard. We transplanted 137 grafts from the back and 65 were growing at one year for a yield of (47%). We transplanted 28 from the chest and 24 were growing at one year for a yield of (86%). Finally, we transplanted 24 from the beard and 15 were growing at one year for a yield of (63%). The cosmetically most significant growth was with beard hair. The patient was trimming all the body hair grafts to equal the length of hair in other regions. This study confirms previous studies where we noted that different regions of body hair seem to grow at a higher yield than other regions when transplanted to the same individual in the same region of the balding crown. The before photos and after photos are depicted in the following photographs.

Body hair sometimes produces a very significant result, but often times the result is subtle. All individuals should keep this in mind when considering body hair transplants. We continue to recommend head hair first over body hair whenever possible.

Body hair study, before and after photo