I have many facial hair on cheek,neck and chest, Can hair transplant serve the purpose of removing unwanted hair and on the other side regaining hair on the scalp?

Removing hair from the body and relocating it to the scalp is defined as a body hair transplant.  This is commonly done today.  There are certain limitations of body hair transplants, however.  Body hair does not grow as long as scalp hair or as fast as scalp hair.  Body hair often has a lower yield than scalp hair.  Body hair may not produce a significant cosmetic result on the scalp in some individuals.  On the other hand, body hair can often produce remarkable results in patients.  Therefore, it is something that can be tried to produce a cosmetic improvement in patients.  I recommend that you have a little transplanted to the top to see how well it grows and how you perceive the result if you are interested in a body hair transplant.

Body hair may also be removed from unwanted areas through a similar method. This will reduce the amount of body hair that you have.  Of all the body hair, beard hair seems to produce the best result because it grows faster and longer than other sources of body hair.  Beard hair also tends to be thicker and caliber than other sources of body hair so it tends to produce a better cosmetic result in terms of coverage.  The negative of beard hair transplants are that they tend to grow in wavy.  This can result in a difference between the appearance of your beard hair and your native scalp hair so you need to make sure you like the appearance before transplanting a great deal of it.

One other thing to consider is the formation of white spots where the hairs were extracted.  These white spots can occur commonly on the chest and abdomen.  They are less common on the back, but can occur there.  There are very uncommon on the legs and beard area.  It is important to use smaller punches when extracting body hair to inhibit the formation of scar particularly on the chest.  With smaller punches, chest scarring is exceedingly uncommon.