Dear, Dr. Cole my nature of hair is curly can i use my body (leg. chest hair) in crown area by FUE in your clinic. i did no more donor area but the doctor said to me i can’t do FUE because my hair is curly!!! and the grafts will be damaged during extarcting. Is it true?

Fue and curley hair
Those with curly hair can be good candidates for FUE, however, it is very important that these individuals select an experienced physician who is properly trained in how to remove such grafts.  The extraction process must be modified slightly because it is more difficult to detect the direction of follicle growth underneath the surface layer of the scalp.    Curly hair will generally take more time to extract but, as with all hair types, the transection rates and yield will ultimately depend on the physician’s expertise and skills.

One advantage to curly hair is that it provides more coverage value than straight hair, meaning that less grafts will be needed, per square centimeter, to achieve desired results.