I heard the tern “Donor Recharging”, what does it means?

CIT donor recharging is a method of preparation where each extracted scalp follicular unit is replaced with a body hair follicular unit. The exchange of these grafts isn”t always one for one but the purpose of CIT donor recharging is to replete the donor area and help the donor area from being too thinned from harvesting with hair transplant. CIT donor recharging also stimulates the production of melanin, a pigment in the donor area. Donor recharging allows patients with higher degrees of hair loss to maximize their scalp hair donor supply and fill-in the absence of extracted follicular units. The results with donor recharging are subject to the same limitations as BHT and results cannot be guaranteed. CIT donor recharging results vary from patient to patient and the appearance of the results is unpredictable.