The progression of male pattern baldness differs among men. Some men become concerned about recession which often begins at a very young age. Often times men keep their eye on this recession as their main concern only to later realize that their hair in the front and on top is beginning to miniaturize or become thinner. Other men don’t experience much thinning. Instead, they see progressive recession at their temples, leaving an island of hair with normal appearing density growing increasingly smaller over the years. Kind of like an island shrinking in rising waters. Our patient shown here does not appear to have experienced any classic recession at his temples but rather, universal thinning at his frontal area and crown. Our patient received 3709 grafts on November 12, 2012. Although it has only been 3 months, he has seen some growth at this early stage. Our patient”s donor and recipient areas were treated with ACell and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Needless to say, he is very happy with his result at this very early stage of growth. He is aware that he won”t see his final result for another 5-9 months, perhaps even a bit longer.