When can I resume exercise after a hair transplant?

After a strip surgery, it is recommended that you refrain from exercise for several weeks after the procedure to limit the widening of the strip scar. One advantage to CIT or FUE is that you can resume exercise the same day as the procedure. The reason is that you do not need to worry about increasing the width of a strip scar. You should avoid any exercise that might rub on the grafts, however such as standing on your head or martial arts.

With any hair transplant procedure, however, you must be careful with the grafted area. Anything that disturbs this area may result in the potential for a lost graft. Therefore, we recommend that you do not scrub the top of your scalp or pick at the grafts for the first 6 days after a procedure. I let my patients resume washing their scalp the following morning after the day of their procedure, but I recommend they use Hair Cycle shampoo, which has less lather and is easier to get out. I tell them to avoid letting the shower water hit directly on the scalp. I encourage them to use a cup of water on the scalp to remove the shampoo.

It is quite common, for some reason, for patients to hit the top of their scalp on the car, while getting into the car. For some reason they tend to do this right after a procedure only because they are being so careful not to do it.

Of course after 6 days the grafts are in place and you will not disturb them so you can resume normal shampooing and all physical activities.