my stepdaughter is age 15. when she was in her toddler years she had surgery to remove deposits on her eyelid. the doctor also removed the eyelash root. will she qualify for this kind of procedure?

It is possible to transplant hair to the eyelids to create eye lashes. The only issue is that the donor source of hair will maintain characteristics similar to the donor source. In other words, if you transplant hair from the back of the scalp to the eyelash, the hair will grow longer than the existing eyelashes. She will need to trim them. Usually, but perhaps not always, the hair growth rate will slow down after a year or so

when transplanted from the scalp to other parts of the body, but it will still grow longer than the existing eyelashes and she will need to trim them periodically for the rest ofher life to match the other eye lashes.

Since it has been some time, then you have probably already given them time to re-grow. The next question would be how much of the eyelid is affected. If it is a large area, then it will require more grafts. Also, many women choose to have more than one procedure to transplant eyelashes to achieve enough of them.

It is a simple procedure, but it will result in some temporary bruising and swelling. The primary risk is of ingrown hairs, but this is not highly likely. In that she is still in school, you might want to wait until she has a break so that she can heal properly prior to returning to school.

The fact that she had prior surgery on her eyelid means there may be some scar tissue that could affect the direction of growth of the eye lashes. For this reason, you might want to try a few grafts first to insure that the growth is appropriate and in the proper orientation.

I would like to know a little more information regarding the fatty deposits that were removed when you have an opportunity.

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