I had a consultation and the doctor said that FUT is more powerful procedure than FUE and has more advantages, What is Dr. Cole opinion?

FUE allows for the harvesting of hair all over the permanent zone. This allows for potentially more hair than one may achieve from strip surgery especially if strip surgery is limited to a single strip scar. The disadvantage to FUE is that you will thin out the donor area. This should be carried out in a manner such that the area is equally thinned out. Also FUE is not a completely scarless procedure. In some individuals white spots may occur at the extraction sites. Overall these white spots are considerably less noticeable than the strip scar.

Strips result in distortion of hair growth angles. Properly performed FUE does not distort the direction of hair growth angles. FUE is a far better procedure that is in the hands of the physician. Conversely, strip surgery yields fewer hairs per graft and the graft dissection is in the hands of the surgery technicians with varied degrees of skill and no medical license to practice medicine.

FUE is a far more advanced procedure with greater potential to the patient. Patients have the capacity to receive more hair from fewer grafts. This results in better results from fewer grafts. The transection rate from FUE is better than with strip surgery in nearly 100% of the cases.