Hair transplant scar may turn out to be a nightmare just like baldness or premature fall of hair. The hair transplant scar results after a surgery that involves Hair Transplant. The scar that is left after the surgery gets over is known as the Hair Transplant Scar.

What does hair transplant mean?

Hair transplant is a form of surgery in which the follicles of hair are taken from one part of the head and are grafted in another part of the head that has become bald. The whole process is done to provide a surgical cure of the problem of baldness.

The hair transplant surgery involves accurate craftsmanship by the surgeons. A normal hair transplant surgery can be done in either of the two ways. One method is known as Strip harvesting and the other method is known as Follicular Unit Extraction. In case of Strip harvesting, a small portion of the scalp is stripped off, cut into small pieces and grafted in that part of the head where the hair has become really thin. On the other hand, in Follicular Unit Extraction, individual strands of hair are uprooted and again forcefully inserted into that portion of the head which is experiencing baldness.

Taking care of your hair transplant scar

Once the transplantation of the hair has taken place, chances are high that the freshly operated area may accumulate dirt. This accumulation of dirt may lead to the loss of the newly transplanted hair. In this case, the surgeons advice that the operated patient shampoo his or her hair, taking utmost care of the operated part.

After taking care of the surgically operated part of your head, the main aim now becomes hiding the hair transplant scar. Concealing the hair transplant scar can be a big headache for some. If you take a look at some of the hair transplant photos, you will see that the scar is prominently visible. For those individuals whose profession requires them to meet with different kinds of people on a daily basis might find these scars embarrassing. They may even suffer from a depressed mood in a few cases. For them, the only solution lay in treating the hair transplant scar.

Treatment of hair transplant scar

The hair transplant scar can be easily treated by the application of the Micro Hair Technique. With the help of the Micro Hair Technique or the MHT, the scar can be easily hid under an effective camouflage. After the application of the MHT technique, if the concerned individual crops off his or her hair, then the scar will be effectively camouflaged and hid among the short hair follicles. Due to this interesting breakthrough, the MHT has gained immense popularity all over the world.