I’m not totally sure if to have a hair transplant, what are some good resources to help me understand the process?

Understanding the process is of the utmost importance when considering hair transplant surgery. Many men have wound up with less than desirable results due to lack of information and/or the sales techniques of unscrupulous clinics.
The forhair.com website is a good place to start. There is a voluminous amount of information therewith which a person may educate themselves about hair transplantation, the various methods of “harvesting” the hairs for transplant, and also about expectations and outcomes of the procedure.
The non-surgical treatments for hair loss are also discussed at length; this website has more written information that most potential candidates could read in many weeks. The information is truthful, in depth and free from the slick marketing techniques of many clinics.

Check these Hair transplant information and resources:
The Forhair CLinic – Atlanta Center
Forhair Blog: http://www.forhair.com/blog/
Hair Transplant Information on this site:
Hair Transplant Press