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Life Changing

Hair Transplants Really are Life Altering

This is most definitely the case for 11 year-old Cokie Allen. The young girl suffered crippling burns before the age of 1. At the time, she was abandoned at a Chinese hospital. Today, she is the adopted daughter of a loving family in Indianapolis. Since her injuries, Cokie has undergone extensive surgeries. Her mother recalls at least 8 surgeries to her head alone. Dr. Jack Fisher of Nashville is helping the young girl restore hair to the areas of her scalp that were burned. Cokie and her family recently met with Dr. Fisher for her second hair transplant to the initially hairless area. The goal of this session was to add density to the area. The procedure took approximately 4-hours, and the follicles are expected to take root in about 8 months. While a few more transplants are necessary, the young girl is expected to have a full head of hair that can be styled any way she likes once the procedure is complete. Cokie and her family are thrilled by the transformation she has undergone thus far. Cokie is already feeling the effects of the two transplants she has received. Styling her hair used to take over an hour, but now, she can do it much more quickly and without trying to hide her scars. Hair transplantation surgery is truly a blessing to this family.

Ronen Eliyahu

I have suffered from hair loss since my early 20''s, so after researching hair restoration on the internet, I found John P. Cole, MD to be one of the best doctors to pioneer FUE surgical techniques. I then decided to have a hair transplant performed by Dr. Cole in 2004 and he did 3 small sessions of 2,400 FUE grafts total. Dr. Cole did a great job and I ended up with fantastic results. My life has changed forever and, as a result, I founded and developed this blog for the Cole Hair Transplant Group and have been hosting and managing it ever since.