A past CIT patient recently contacted us to ask about a small pimple-like bump on his frontal hairline with a tiny hair fragment on top. He mentioned that, immediately following the procedure, he had noticed a few other such bumps but that they disappeared within a few days. This patient wanted to know if a particular medication or treatment could remedy the issue.

This is a fairly common occurrence following a hair transplant procedure. These “bumps” are due to retained hair fragments following surgery. Patients commonly mistake them for ingrown hairs but they are actually a sign that new hairs are trying to grow in where old non-growing fragments are still present. Medication will not help but the good news is that there’s a very simple treatment for it. The patient simply needs to use a pair of tweezers to remove any short, non-growing hair fragments from the scalp. These non-growing fragments should slide out easily. Another possible treatment is to scrub the scalp with soap and a wash cloth to try and remove any non-growing hair fragments. These “bumps” are absolutely nothing to be concerned about and actually indicate that new hair is trying to come in.