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Itching After Hair Transplant

I have itching in my recipient area 2 months following my transplant. How long will this last and what is causing it?

Itching is a sign of healing. It means that good things are happening and your hair is in the early stages of growth. You will have very little happening after only 2 months, but it is going to happen. Just be patient. The hair is about to grow and the itching should fade rapidly. I’ve heard of only one chronic case of itching that another doctor had in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In other words, it is quite rare.

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John P. Cole, MD

John P. Cole, MD

After perfecting his technique called follicular Unit Extraction technique or CIT® (The Cole Isolation Technique), John P. Cole, MD became one of the worlds pioneering surgeons that performs FUE hair transplant surgery. By developing and using unique surgical instruments Dr. Cole perform this procedure leaving no visible scarring to the naked eye.
John P. Cole, MD is licensed in the states of Florida and Georgia, USA and is planing to expend also to the UK.