Younger men with hair loss generally view thinning hair and bald spots as completely unacceptable regardless of where it appears on the scalp. Hair loss in a younger person commonly makes them feel as if their life is being fast forwarded into what they view as old age. Men in their teens and early twenties sometimes view old age as beginning at thirty! As men move into their forties and fifties, anxiety due to hair loss sometimes lets up a bit. According to studies, men see the greatest aesthetic benefit in first addressing frontal hair loss. I personally feel, as do many others with regards to hair restoration that first framing the face with an age appropriate hairline brings the best overall improvement in appearance. Our patient provides an excellent example of the aesthetic improvement frontal hair can make. Dr. John P. Cole placed an age appropriate hairline on this gentleman that is, as always 100% natural in appearance. No one would ever know this man had hair restoration surgery. The restoration of hair on his crown and the back of his head is a work in progress. Donor limitations when one gets into the Norwood six range will nearly always require the use of alternate hair sources such as body and beard hair. Beard hair in particular must be placed carefully because it’s generally coarser than scalp hair and often has a bit of a curl. This is of course a benefit to coverage, but careful placement is an absolute must in order to avoid a mismatch where the hair appears coarse on top and finer on the sides. The human eye will pick up on this. Men without hair loss can have hair that appears to be of consistent caliber on the top, sides and back of their head, but hair that is coarser on top can draw attention, especially if the color and texture are different. This is why beard and body hair must be carefully blended with existing hair for a natural appearance. The after photo was taken on the day our patient had his most recent FUE hair transplant surgery. Stay tuned, we will post update photos when our patient returns in approximately one year and show his body hair transplant results.