I am now 29 and have been using propecia for around 6 years and my hair sitution has now got worse.
I was wondering With your expertise and vast knowledge if you would recommend me trying avodart to help my situation alongside propecia or take it by itself?

The studies that have been performed show that Avodart does work better than Propecia. The only problem is that we don’t know the long term consequences of taking it. You are blocking both forms of 5 alpha reductase. We don’t know if this will produce problems later on such as depression.

The other problem is we don’t know the proper dose because it has not been studied. People take it once a day or as little as once a week because it has a long half life. There are many patients on it because it works better than Propecia, but I’ve heard a few say that the Propecia worked better than the Avodart.

Shedding probably means it is working for you because hair shedding occurs when resting hairs return to the growing phase and push the old resting hair out. This means that the drug is stimulating growth or Anagen. Of course it could take up to one year before you see a noticable improvement. I think it will always work best when you have some existing hair. If your hair line is bald, don’t expect much benefit. If the hair line still has hair, then the Avodart could stimulate new growth. The main thing all these products do is prolong the life of hair. It is actually rare to see a significant improvement in coverage, but when it occurs, it can be amazing.