For Norwood type 3 baldness pattern I have been advised 2000 grafts through strip. Are strip results better or should I get FUE. My consulting surgeon is doing manual FUE Hair Transplant. Isn’t that risky? As far as I know it will be causing more hairs damage and lesser density. Am I right. Are there any limitations after strip for heavy exercise? I do gym!

Both types of surgery have advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing you should do at this point is decide what you want from your hair transplant procedure. Follicular unit extraction (FUE Hair Transplant) can be performed manually or with the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID). Both offer low transection rate, are minimally invasive, and offer minimal depth extraction. A low transection rate is key to a successful transplant. FUE maximizes donor hair, allowing surgeons to choose optimal follicular units and create a natural look. The Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) FUE, provides more hairs per graft than does strip surgery. C2G or non-shaven CIT allows patients the option to leave their heads unshaven during the transplant procedure. Patients can return immediately to work following this procedure without anyone knowing he has undergone hair transplant surgery. Advantages of CIT FUE include faster recovery, no stitches or sutures, and no linear scar. Strip surgery is performed by removing a strip of hair from the back or side of scalp and harvesting grafts from this strip. The strip is then sewn together. While the width of the scar is unpredictable, most skilled surgeons can keep the scar around ½ cm or less. Strip surgery is less time consuming that CIT FUE, and is therefore less expensive. If you are looking to have a large number of grafts placed in a short amount of time, strip surgery may be the most suitable option for you. With strip surgery, you will need to keep you hair longer to disguise the linear scar. Depending on how you wish to style your hair before and after the procedure could dictate the type of surgery right for you. Recovery time following strip procedure is generally around 2 weeks, while FUE recovery time is around 7 days or less.