How long after an FUE hair transplant before a person can – A, shave his head with a razor and B, shave his head with a number 1 or 2 setting? Also, how does HGH affect hair growth and hair loss?

Often times the head is shaved in preparation for an FUE procedure. It is possible to shave the head immediately after a procedure, but it is probably best to wait about 3 weeks. The appearance of the shaved donor area will depend on the total number of FUE grafts obtained in a procedure. FUE removes intact follicular units from the donor area. This will result in fewer follicular units. If 25% of the follicular units are removed from the donor area, this will leave gaps in the donor area where follicular units were removed in an effort to relocate them to the top. A number 1 guard will conceal these gaps, however. It is possible to clip to a number one at any time after a FUE procedure. If you are concerned about gaps in the donor area, one way to minimize these is to add body hair into the FUE extractions at the same time that grafts are removed.

There is no scientifically documented relationship between human growth hormone and hair loss or hair growth. There are anecdotal reports of grey hair regaining color and an increased rate of growth with HGH.