Will stopping to use Nizoral have as dramatic of an effect as stopping Propecia? I know whatever benefits you get from using the shampoo will be lost upon stopping to use it but would it be as bad as stopping Propecia?

I’ve never seen a remarkable result from Nizoral or Minoxidil. I have not seen improved hair growth with Nizoral alone, but it is supposed to work as well as Minoxidil alone. They both stimulate some hair growth and may slow hair loss in some patients. I have seen rare remarkable results with Propecia, but most of the remarkable results on Propecia seem to occur when patients combine both Minoxidil and Propecia. When patients stop any of these medications, they will loose what ever benefit they received from the medication. If your benefit from any one of these medications was slight, your loss will be slight. Most of the time patients simply note a reduction in the rate of hair loss with these medications. Therefore, you can expect the rate of loss to increase once you discontinue any of them.