Pluggy, easily detectable hair transplant results are a thing of the past according to a new online survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). In fact, the majority of people who participated in the ISHRS survey could not correctly identify a hair transplant in a series of photos depicting real patients and those who have not had hair transplant surgery.
Less than 22 percent of respondents were able to correctly identify the one female hair transplant recipient from a series of four photos. Similarly, only 65.5 percent of respondents were able to determine the male hair transplant recipient from a separate set of photos.
Hair transplants, when performed using the most advanced techniques and by the most skilled physicians, are virtually undetectable. Hair restoration surgery is the only permanent solution for hair loss, and one that increasingly more men and women are turning to.
The ISHRS survey additionally found that over 90 percent of respondents feel that hair restoration surgery is more accepted today than it was ten years ago. Furthermore, more than three in five respondents reported that having more hair would help them achieve greater career success. Seven in 10 respondents even reported that they would willingly trade a “treasured personal possession” for more hair.
Clearly, hair loss is an affliction that can have a significant impact on an individual’s self-esteem and emotional well-being. With over 50 percent of men and 25 percent of women affected by hair loss in their lifetimes, physicians strive to offer the best hair transplant results achievable and continue to research other possible solutions.