I am recovering from trichtilomania and the hairs that are gone that place stopped growing hair all together and you can see the scalp, I was wondering if there is a miracle to help me regrow or start regrowing my hair…my currant shampoo is nioxin and nizorel…

Patients who”ve suffered from trichotillomania for awhile may damage or even remove the hair roots by excessive pulling, making non-surgical hair regrowth next to impossible.
Hair transplants will restore the hair, but it is very common for those with trichotillomania to resume pulling out the hair after the transplants begin to grow.

First strp will be to address the trichotillomania from a medical/psychiatric medication or therapy approach and solve the underlying problem. Once the patient knows that the cause of the trichotillomania has been fully addressed (fo a long period of time, then the reward can be a hair transplant to put their hair back.